Gun Safety Professionals – Firearms Training

Keeping Families Safe!

Our firearms safety classes are designed with you in mind
by providing you with safe strategies for you and your family.

“Personal Protection is our goal for you and your loved ones”.

Gun Safety Professionals is proud to partner with The Gun Dude as their exclusive training partner.  Visit this newly opened gun store located at 412A W. Broad Street in Falls Church, Virginia.


The Gun Dude




Gun Safety Professionals (GSP) LLC, based in Falls Church, Virginia serves the DC/Maryland/and Northern Virginia area offering an array of certified firearm training courses along with personal and commercial safety consulting.  We are proud of the courses we have tailored to assist women, seniors and handicapped individuals to overcome issues such as poor eyesight, lower upper body strength, wheelchairs and other functionality.  We offer the following:

  • Gun Safety / Instruction
  • Multi-State Concealed Carry Training
  • Situational Awareness
  • Crime Prevention / Avoidance
  • Private Consulting Services

We can assist you in finding the right firearm and storage for you, based on your needs. If you have children, we will introduce you to the many safe options for storing your firearm.

No amount of training will ensure complete victory if you become involved in an unexpected altercation.
Preparation is key to survival.  Training is key to preparation.  GSP is key to your personal safety and welfare.


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